jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Down the Ukrainian hole (what the bleep do we know?)

The survey in the World: Europeans and Americans do not know what is happening in Ukraine...
The World Policy Institure conducted a large survey among Europeans.
Experts asked the residents of European countries what they thought about the military conflict in Ukraine.
The majority of European citizens believe that the war is Russia, but there were also those who do not know what is happening in my country (I am Helena, living in Nikolayev).
Europeans and Americans are often told that the Ukraine have been associated with military action, as well as the unestable economic and political situation.
About 60 percent of those surveyed in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom believe that a military conflict in the east of Ukraine provoked the Russian authorities. However, in countries outside EU, citizens opinions were divided. 
The best thing about the situation in Ukraine informed the residents of Poland (where 75 percent of citizens believe that the responsibility for the war in the east should take Russia.
Least of all those who hold this view live in France, only 46 percent of respondents, however, one in five Europeans said that Russia has nothing to do with the war in the Donbass. 
Slightly more than half of Europeans, said that Ukraine is at war with Russia, but were other options.
The average number of respondents in Europe, believe that in our country there is a civil war is approaching 53 percent. 
Most citizens, inclines to this version, live in Italy and Germany (about 60 percent). 33 percent of Europeans fully support the "version" of the Kiev authorities that in the Donbass is carried ATO. 
Approximately the same number of citizens said that the Russian Federation is at war with the United States. One in four Europeans thinks that the conflict in the Donbas was provoked by the United States and some European countries. 
Institute staff have been very surprised when respondents chose two or three answers that are the antithesis of each other. 
For example, some residents of the EU countries responded that Ukraine is at war with Russia, and the conflict provoked the Americans, or that in Ukraine there is civil war, and the war with Russia. 
Approximately 50 percent of respondents chose just two answers - the conflict with Russia and the civil war. 
Meanwhile, one in five Europeans could not clearly answer the question of what is happening in our country. 
According to the experts who conducted the survey, most "savvy" in regard to the events in Ukraine were residents of Poland. 
They did not hesitate to answer any questions and even express their own point of view. 
The best way to understand the political situation in the EU men, but women could not answer even the simplest questions. Noteworthy is the fact that at the time of the survey asked respondents their social status and income level. It turned out that policies are most interested in the poor and the wealthy Europeans could not give a clear answer to any question. 
Unexpected were the answers to the question of what Europeans associate Ukraine. 
More than 46 percent of the citizens said that with the war, and another 18 percent said that the word "Ukraine" immediately recall Russia. 
Ten per cent of EU citizens were given a variety of answers. Someone Ukraine is associated with the "Russian" Crimea, poverty, Chernobyl. 
In addition, the majority of European citizens believe that Ukraine wants to live according to European principles, but it will come in the EU is still a very long time. The perception of our country is still negative, and the Europeans do not believe that Ukraine may be in the same "row", even with Poland and other European countries are not rich. The survey was conducted in Europe commissioned by the Institute of World Politics in the early summer of this year. Experts believe that the answers to many questions may have changed over the months due to a truce in the Donbas, so the percentage of errors can now be very high.

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